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4 Tips to Being Rock Solid with Networking

When it comes to networking, I get it: Its hard! If you aren't really outgoing it can be grueling. But I am old school and I am teaching others that face-to-face Networking is still the best way to build relationships. But since the Pandemic, things have changed. I have been a business owner and an entrepreneur since 2007. I have been networking with the best of them. I learned from the best events and from the worst events. Both equally taught me valuable lessons in networking.

Are you there to make friends? Find a spouse? Recruiting for your company? Most likely you are looking for business opportunities.

Keep in mind these four things and you will knock it out of the park 🏏 💥

I share them here 🔽

▶ Follow up and Follow Through: Following up immediately after the event is key. Make a point to reach out with a text, email or social media link. It's important that you remind people that you were there. Most people have short memories! You might even send the host a thank you card in the actual mail! Do this within 24 hours. Did you make a coffee date? Keep it! Did you set up a meeting? Get there no matter what. Things come up and that is understandable, however, if someone really wants to do business, they will meet with you. But you must be dependable and reachable. Send a quick reminder to let them know that you understand they are busy but just want to confirm. Most people appreciate that you took the time to check in.

▶ Make it Personal. Do not use a cookie cutter message.

If you remember something they were wearing that stood out, mention that. If they said something that was interesting let them know you remember. Maybe you both know the same person from somewhere else. Remind them of that. No matter what, make sure they know that you were paying attention.

▶ Keep it Simple: I hate getting bombarded with long drawn-out emails. Since the pandemic, our attention spans are way shorter. Do not send contracts or an overload of information. Keep it simple. After all, your first date never ends up with marriage on the second date. Same rules apply in networking. Start out simple and easy going.

▶ Be Yourself: Most people nowadays are super tired and suspicious of scams and phonies. Be yourself when networking and be vulnerable. You are not going to appeal to everyone so when you are authentic you will attract the right people. Being yourself brings you the people who are best aligned with your values and desires. And be sure to introduce others in the room if you know them. Remember that most people are nervous at a network event. You will stand out as a connector.

🏹 🎯 Networking is an art. It takes time and expertise. It's important that you find a mentor or an accountability partner. Invite someone to go with you.

If you would like to learn more on how to leverage your networking opportunity, reach out and let's have a conversation.

To Your Success,


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