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Here are 4 tips to help you achieve your goals

▶ 1. Keep your focus on the objective 😀

Most people tend to focus on the obstacles. Keep reminding yourself about how great you will look or feel when you have achieved that one goal. Tell yourself things like “I can’t wait until I start my new career” or “I am going to look so good once I reach my health goal”. It’s easy to start out full of energy and motivation at the beginning of your goal but you must continually remind yourself about the objective and the end result. The key is to redirect your focus back to the reward as often as it takes to push through.

▶ 2. Make sure your goal is clear 🤔

Perhaps you want to start a business, move to a new town, or start dating after a bitter divorce. Well, that’s great, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but how do you plan to make any of this happen? Without a clear definition of your goals, they

will ultimately get pushed behind all the other things on your plate and you will never clearly define the goal or the objective. If you are not clear on your goals, you’ll end up becoming frustrated due to a lack of progress or lack the enthusiasm to stay motivated.

▶ 3. Give yourself a time frame ⌚

Maybe you want to lose 20 pounds. It is important to pick a beginning date and an ending date. A time frame holds you accountable. If you have a coach or a mentor, you will want to share your time frame with them. A time frame puts pressure on you to get up and get to work! It also helps you clearly define how you will set your goal and reach it and it also psychologically helps you to stay focused. The human brain likes order and routine. So, start today and get an end date.

▶ 4. Stop making excuses 😴

Abraham Lincoln reportedly once said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” It’s easy to tell yourself that you have so many other things you need to do first or seeing that first or second obstacle as a “deal breaker”. We are often prone to want to start our goals “tomorrow”. Too many excuses

will cause you to put your goals on hold, and tomorrow will never come.

📢 In conclusion, understand that you have a limited amount of time and that you can’t do everything. Realize that by not finishing, you might be missing out on opportunities that will open when you reach your goals. Keep in m

ind that thinking up a goal is the easy part. Finding the specifics of a goal, developing a plan, and following through on your goal is so important. 💡 Commit yourself to pushing past any obstacles and keep your focus on the path, the goal and its objective.

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