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Empowering Business Growth with Purpose

Theresa is on the cutting edge of optimizing Human Potential for increased Success and Wellness, Emotional Resilience, Leadership and Empowerment,  Entrepreneurship, Time Management, Branding, Effective Communication Skills and Building Confidence.

Theresa has inspired audiences of up to 5,000 as well as leading intimate workshops and trainings for smaller groups, as well as online webinars. Her clients have ranged anywhere from Mid to Large Companies to top Universities, Business and  Health Care, the Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Groups, Parenting Seminars, and Non-Profits.

As a consultant,  Theresa works with company leaders and business owners to help with innovative ideas from marketing and branding to sales, team building , mindset, emotional intelligence, social media presence. messaging, and more.


Who can benefit from working with Theresa
  •    Anyone who owns a business and wants to or needs to elevate or expand and needs beneficial introductions.

  •    Anyone who prefers hands-on, face-to-face, real-time help with confidence, communication, and public speaking.

  •    Anyone that wants a DYNAMIC SPEAKER FOR AN  EVENT.

  •    Anyone looking to do what it takes to get you or your business back “ On the Grid”.

  •    Anyone in a stage of life that needs immediate attention for emotional wellness strategies. 

  •    Anyone looking to re-invent themselves by changing careers, starting a new journey, or needing to fine-tune or increase personal and professional performance.    

What people are saying:

“Whether working in a private setting such as her office, or on a virtual call,  you will find that you will receive important information that you can easily implement so you can grow both personally and professionally".   

-Ken Dunek,  Owner  CEO Jersey Man, Philly Man, Miami Man, Boston Man Magazine

“Connecting you to her Rolodex of Resources you will make the connections you need in transitioning into a new stage of life, business, relationships, finances, and more”. 

- Michael Brady   LPL Financial Services

“Providing supplemental resources in between meetings as well as giving you the utmost, undivided attention, she gets you where to need to go quicker and seamlessly.” 

- Julie Lokun CEO Mediacasters, Inc

"Theresa spoke at our corporate event and it was one of the best speakers we have had in a long time. Engaging, heartwarming, and professional. funny and serious all at the same time".

- Stasha Feret Peterson,  Senior Account Exec. Blue Cross 

 "Theresa is a true professional speaker. Her speeches always leave you wanting more".

-Art McDonnell Business Manager and School  Board Executive

 My Story

At age 26 I was a widow and single mom with no job, few skills and not many resources.  I learned to create my own system for empowering myself and others. Many years later and working with thousands of people, I have been able to empower my clients in business, relationships, finances and more. 

Whether  I am working with individual clients or addressing large audiences, I bring a warm and supportive approach and my system is results-driven. 




Gina Soscia

Public Engagement Specialist 

Theresa Agostinelli is a master at accelerating businesses, and networking. She is full of resources and has the knowledge and experience to back up what she does.  Her expertise in coaching, human potential and leadership helped me to elevate my personal development and helped me identify areas I needed to work on.   I was able to identify my strengths and leverage them to create a powerful  transformation. Her insights into the psychology of positive mindset was  invaluable, and her book helped me to build confidence and take bold steps toward my goals during our coaching sessions.  I am grateful for her support, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to accelerate their business and take their team or their own personal growth to the next level.

Theresa Agostinelli is a true expert in leadership, and her book and guidance changed my life. Theresa gave me the necessary tools to set and accomplish my goals. She inspired me to remember my greatest passion and achieve my highest potential. Her approach to leadership and team building helped me to create a powerful team that increased our ROI and transformed our business. She helped me increase my visibility through her marketing, and promoting my business with her huge list of resources and contacts.

Through her coaching and mentorship, Theresa helped me to identify my strengths and leverage them to achieve my goals. She helped us to build a culture of accountability and ownership, and her insights into leadership and team dynamics helped us to collaborate more effectively and work towards common goals.

Thanks to Theresa's mentorship, our team has seen a significant increase in our ROI, and we are now better positioned to achieve our long-term business goals. I would highly recommend Theresa to any business looking to optimize their team and achieve greater success.

In The Press


julie riga, CEO of Stay on Course

“Theresa is a prolific speaker, teacher and guide.

She graces stages and changes lives in an extraordinary way.”




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